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Meters & meter readings help

The SRP meter at your home monitors your daily power usage. To read your kW demand, wait for the meter LCD display to cycle to code The code is displayed in area 3 — see legend. Your maximum kW for the day will be displayed; this is the maximum average load over a 15 or minute interval, depending on your price plan, for the day.

If you’d like to view historical daily reads for this meter, you may do so online using My Account. Indicators at the bottom of the readout show the flow of electricity.

The meter read failed. The coin did not register. You have a service request confirmation number from the Citywide Call Center obtained on the same date the.

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Reserve Parking Meters

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Radio Read Meters Billing Rates Bill Details eBill eNotify System Billing Note: Utility Service Billing begins immediately upon the date of Water Meter/Sewer.

In most cases it should be easy to read your meter – simply write down the numbers as shown on the meter from left to right, ignoring any red numbers. For more help see our meter reading video guide. You can do this by. However, your meter still needs to be checked and read by ScottishPower at least once a year. A meter reader will visit your home to do this and the readings will be reflected in the next bill we generate after we receive them.

If you need help reading your meter, please view our meter reading video guides. If you have an online account, you can provide us with meter readings as often as you like by entering your readings online in My Account or via our free ScottishPower YourEnergy App. Alternatively, call our 24 hour automated meter reading service on To read your key meter press the blue button until screen H appears and note your reading.

If your meter also displays screens J and L for 2 and 3 rate meters please also note the readings on these screens. If your gas meter has dials, please note the numbers in black. The Meter Index is your reading so please note these numbers.


Log in, register for an account, park as guest, or Facebook. Select PARK. Enter location and duration. Confirm purchase. Enter CVV. Payment confirmation screen.

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More Info Election Information. City Commission Briefings. You respond online , by phone or by mail. Your participation in the census is fast, safe and important to our community. Learn More. Visitors to all City buildings are required to follow health guidelines and wear a face covering. Digital Commission meetings will continue through the end of July. Do you need to use a parking meter space for moving, deliveries, or a special event?

You can reserve meters to guarantee available parking for limited uses. For example, contractors working on a remodel can have easy access to supplies. We’ll put No Parking covers over the meters so no one else can use them on your reserved dates and times. We only allow meter reservations for specific uses. Reservations for everyday personal use are not allowed. The new process is more efficient and allows us to review requests more quickly.

How to read your meter

Account Management. Online Tools. Contact Xerox. Billing Questions.

Date. 4. Cumulative Active energy (forwarded) reading (kWh). 5. Last Bill Maximum demand (kW). 6. Billing period counts. Each parameter should be on meter.

The parking meter was the brainchild of a man named Carl C. Magee, who moved to Oklahoma City from New Mexico in Magee had a colorful past: As a reporter for an Albuquerque newspaper, he had played a pivotal role in uncovering the so-called Teapot Dome Scandal named for the Teapot Dome oil field in Wyoming , in which Albert B.

Fall, then-secretary of the interior, was convicted of renting government lands to oil companies in return for personal loans and gifts. He also wrote a series of articles exposing corruption in the New Mexico court system, and was tried and acquitted of manslaughter after he shot at one of the judges targeted in the series during an altercation at a Las Vegas hotel.

Asked to find a solution to the problem, Magee came up with the Park-o-Meter. The first working model went on public display in early May , inspiring immediate debate over the pros and cons of coin-regulated parking. Indignant opponents of the meters considered paying for parking un-American, as it forced drivers to pay what amounted to a tax on their cars, depriving them of their money without due process of law. Despite such opposition, the first meters were installed by the Dual Parking Meter Company beginning in July ; they cost a nickel an hour, and were placed at foot intervals along the curb that corresponded to spaces painted on the pavement.

By the early s, there were more than , parking meters operating in the United States. But if you see something that doesn’t look right, click here to contact us!

Queensland novel coronavirus (COVID-19) update

PAYG has two main benefits. You can use it to help you budget, as it lets you pay for your natural gas on a more regular basis and allows you to actively monitor your gas usage. PAYG also reduces the risk of disconnection. Please remember that you use more natural gas in the winter than summer.

For the most up-to-date information about COVID impacts on City programs As part of our ongoing efforts to slow the spread of COVID, and in keeping City of London makes masks or face coverings mandatory in.

If product fails to function properly, return the product, freight prepaid and properly packed to Pelstar. Replacement will be made with a new or remanufactured product or component. If the product is no longer available, replacement may be made with a similar product of equal or greater value. All parts including replaced parts are covered only for the original warranty period. The original purchaser of the product must have proof of purchase to receive warranty service.

Your warranty does not cover normal wear of parts or damage resulting from any of the following: negligent use or misuse of the product, use on improper voltage or current, use contrary to the operating instructions, abuse including tampering, damage in transit, or unauthorized repair or alternations. Further, the warranty does not cover natural disasters, such as fire, flood, hurricanes and tornadoes.

How to read a meter

Please visit the Wildfire Emergency Notifications page for current wildfire notifications. Wildfire Safety: Know the difference between an Evacuation Warning vs. A Warning is a high probability of a need to evacuate. An Order means you are lawfully required to leave the area within the specified timeframe. Learn how to prepare at readyforwildfire. Stay updated and receive notifications.

Due to the Covid pandemic, we are currently not enforcing meters or time At this time, we do not have a start date for when we will begin enforcing, but plan.

Connect My Data. This is a data exchange protocol like Portfolio Manager’s Data Exchange which allows for the automatic transfer of energy bill data from a utility to a third party based on customer authorization. A use for this file might be a 3rd party vendor who offers energy consulting services and can upload your file to offer you efficiency recommendations.

As a future enhancement, we are considering adding Upload My Data to Portfolio Manager where you would download the Green Button file from your utility, and upload it into Portfolio Manager. However, the standard and certification process for Connect My Data are still under development by the Green Button consortium. Green power sources in Portfolio Manager include solar photovoltaic panels, solar thermal energy, geothermal energy, landfill gas, low-impact hydropower, and wind turbines.

You may use green power directly from an on-site renewable system, or you may purchase green power from your utility or independent green power supplier. These rights can be sold separately from the actual electricity kWh. Therefore, please note the following distinction between Onsite and Offsite Green Power: Onsite Green Power — Power generated from an onsite renewable system. The only types of onsite green power currently tracked in Portfolio Manager are solar and wind power.

Energy use from these systems is green only if you retain the rights to the RECs associated with the power generated by your system. If you purchase your electricity kWh from your utility but your RECs from another provider, then your utility power is also considered green. This includes all areas inside the building s including supporting areas.

GFA is not the same as rentable space, but rather includes all area inside the building s.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

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Our smart meter calculator works out how much gas or electricity you have used, for instance – simply take a meter reading on the first date of the period you’re.

Create an Account – Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. Failure to pay the ticket will result in citation, summons, escalated fine, court costs, and processing fees. Payment may be mailed to the Police Department, deposited in any of the red Fine-O-Meter courtesy boxes, or paid at the Police Department during regular business hours. You may also pay on-line by clicking the icon at left within 20 days of the original ticket date.

For your convenience you can pay online! Please click HERE to be transported to our secure payment site. Any questions please contact the violations department of the New Hope Police Department at violations newhopepd. Parking tickets are white and made of a tyvex paper. The advantages of this system is that it allows up to three pictures to be taken of the violation, the tag, and any other pertinent information.

The data is then brought back to the station and downloaded directly into the records management system. Sample Ticket. Skip to Main Content. Sign In.


A delinquent Balance Forward will be subject to Service Disconnection. V Department Message Box: This area of the Utility Service Bill is designated to notify our Customers of important information such as upcoming events, current drought conditions, office closures, etc. Section 2 Interference with County Property Prohibited A All persons are prohibited from interfering with or disturbing in any manner or form, any water meters, switches, locks, cutoffs, corporation cocks or other appliances of the County, or to appropriate or use any water after service has been cut off or discontinued for the nonpayment of the charges therefore or for other cause.

The head of the household or property owner involved shall be held responsible for the violation of this section. The County reserves the right to remove a service where a meter has been tampered with and to refuse continued service to a property that has a history of violations of water service polices or ordinances. The meter will be removed until all monies due are paid, including any overdue bills.

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Reading your natural gas meter is one way to tell how much natural gas you’re using each month. To accurately read your natural gas meter, follow the steps below:. Remember to record the lower number if the dial is between two numbers. For this example, read from left to right. Although you might not see the meter reader, we attempt to read each meter once a month. If we can’t access your meter because of vegetation, an unfriendly dog , or a locked gate, we’ll have to estimate your bill.

If you choose to keep your gate locked, please contact us to make arrangements to have your meter accessed on the “scheduled read date. We may contact you because of a locked gate when we need to work on the meter or survey the underground piping. And in an emergency, we or the fire department may need to shut off your meter. So make sure the meter is easy to reach.

The Good-O-Meter

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