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Discussion in ‘ Effects [BG] ‘ started by nathan , Apr 22, Apr 22, 1. Jul 16, Hey i’m sorry if this has been discussed before but I know there are three or four different types of “Big Muff” fuzz pedals Apr 22, 2. Nov 3, A Sandgropers’ City, Australia. Every muff I’ve ever tried has had some kind of difference – even when some of them looked alike – so I’d try before you buy.

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BIG MUFF PI PEDAL 1. PEDAL 2. VOLUME. DELAY. MODULATION. TREMOLO. REVERB This may be the time to make the big jump, and thereby Line 6 may, at it’s option, require proof of original purchase date in the form of a dated.

There are very few websites dedicated to the Big Muff Pi, so I created this site with all of the information and history I have gleaned from various sources over the years, including some good photo references pix from my collection, stolen from ebay auctions, and sent to me by other generous Big Muff owners and audio clips. I think it is the most comprehensive one on the web. I have tried to sort out Muff fact from Muff fiction and clarify some confusing or contradictory details from other websites and articles, as well as include a comprehensive history about Electro-Harmonix and the story behind the origin of the Big Muff Pi for all you Muff junkies.

Be aware that it is overly and obsessiveley detailed, to a level much deeper than the average person would care to know, and the person who put it together obviously suffers from some type of OCD! It was their second best selling pedal in the s after the Small Stone phaser, and Mike Matthews said in that in terms of units sold for all versions, the Big Muff is their number one seller.

Fuzz pedals like the Maestro Fuzz-Tone and Fuzz Face were very popular in the late s but the Big Muff was a very different and fresh take on the fuzz tone territory. The first well known recorded use of th e Big Muff was in on The Carpenters’ power ballad hit Goodbye to Love, with a hard rocking fuzz solo played by Tony Peluso, very ahead of it’s time for the pop music market.

The Big Muff used an independant four stage Silicon transistor based circuit that did not have the limitations of the typical guitar-into-fuzz circuits around at the time it was created. It could go anywhere in the signal chain, and the tone was not at the mercy of the temperature like the old style Germanium transistors used in Fuzz-Tone and Fuzz Face pedals. The Muff had monstrous loads of gain and sustain, and a monstrous sound to go along with it, from thunderous mud to hammering treble.

It was the first fuzz pedal with such a huge bottom end, and it stepped on just about any typical fuzz pedal out there. There is a characteristic underlying harmonically-doubled octave sound mixed into the Muff tone, sometimes described as the Muffs “buzz” or “fizz”. The tone sweep ranged from huge, dark, bassy sludge to thick, piercing, buzz saw treble, all with a deep mid range scoop.

Somewhere in the middle was a sweet spot that just about anyone could dial in for their signature Big Muff tone.

Electro-Harmonix Black Russian Big Muff Pi

The Electric Mistress is a guitar effects pedal made by Electro-Harmonix. It generates the so called flanging effect. It was the first flanger for musicians which could be used live on stage.

Dec 19, – Offered for sale is this V2 Ram’s Head Big Muff vintage guitar pedal dating from It’s got the usual scuffs, scratches and dings you’d expect​.

Last update June I n an attempt to show the evolution of the transistor based Big Muff Pi circuit, and a reference for repairs, this article examines some key schematics for the different vintage Electro-Harmonix variants, in chronological order, or as near as I can determine. Also included are several clones of the Big Muff circuit with unique component values or interesting modifications. The Big Muff Pi was, and still is one of the most cloned circuits in the history of effects pedals.

I have tried to give traces of only variants that sound different from each other, or that were the more common circuits for a particular version. This article is for educational purposes, as a reference for repairs, to show a history of the circuit changes throughout the years, and offer up some of the more interesting and inventive changes the DIY community and cloners have done with the circuit that you home tinkerers may try. Production or boutique clones of the BMP circuit that have been off the market for a long while, or that use commonly known mods, are open game for anyone to post schematics as far as I am concerned.

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His two most valued guitar are nicknamed “Blue Dress”, and “No War” – both dating back to pre Alice in Chains days. He has Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi.

We ship worldwide and we have special discounted shipping rates to continental USA and Canada. We are based in the UK and have many years’ experience sourcing, servicing and shipping delicate vintage gear worldwide. You can rely on us to pack your item with care, and deliver swiftly by international courier with full tracking and insurance. We offer a professional satisfaction-guaranteed service: customer care and attention to detail are paramount.

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Gilmourish Electro Harmonix Big Muff reissues shootout. From late Great review of the Triangle Big Muff reissue here. The Gilmourish Traingle Reissue Review. Jump to. Sections of this page.

++ Deluxe Big Muff Pi (EH & EH/) Russian pedals & pots on USA made pedals from around do not have date codes.

Jerry Fulton Cantrell Jr. Although he and Staley each wrote about half of the lyrics in their catalog, Cantrell wrote or co-wrote most of the music. Rest of the guitar Jerry allegedly built himself using instructions given to him by Lynn. He built the body in his high-school wood shop class,which included drilling all the holes and adding contours to the body. The guitar was most famously used in the Them Bones video. Most of the other stuff seems to be random drawings.

Electro-harmonix / Big Muff Pi / 1970’s / Effect

Order by:. Available to:. Time to let this bad girl go. Works great and in great condition! This is the bubble font version. It has a stomp bar installed on it.

Discussion and news notes related to the Big Muff Pi, Big Muff users, and other Hey people, I have a V6 with pots dating from but I am not sure of the.

For a more comprehensive version guide, click on any of the icons above. There are several. The reason many people say the “Triangle is the best” is probably due to a few early circuit traces of a couple of uncommon circuit variants that circulated for several years. Most clones were based on those, so that is what people who never played an original thought a Triangle was supposed to sound like.

Considering that there were at least 18 different circuit variants used, there is probably more sound variance in the V1 than any other version due to this. The V1 and V2 Ram’s Head Big Muffs both spanned a similar range of circuit variants, so in that regard, some V1s sound the same as some V2s, and many do not. In general, I find that most of the V1 circuit varants in my collection cut through a band mix very well, are very articulate for leads, and have a nice, warm crunch for power chords and palm muting.

The very early, and VERY rare perf board V1 circuits had a really unique sound in the low end and lower mid range that most of the later V1 and V2 circuits variants did not have. They were not especially high gain, but had smooth, long sustain, and fat, warm bass frequencies.

Electro Harmonix Big Muff Fuzz Demo

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