Modern apartment in expat area with 2 bicycles

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Laos issues new rules for foreign marriages

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Travelling to Laos, whether Luang Prabang or Vientiane? EL staff and readers tell us where to go and what to do! In a ritual dating back to the time of the Buddha, the monks silently collect alms from the local townspeople, who receive merit towards their faith in exchange for their acts of selflessness and communalism. Buy your alms, which consist mainly of sticky rice, bananas and other foods, from your hotel the night before or at the local morning market.

The monks actually eat these offerings, and for many they represent their daily food supply. Street vendors take advantage of the ceremony by capitalising on tourists, rather than giving to the monks themselves. Some have been known to sell unsafe rice to tourists, resulting in monks falling ill. Plus, your first bowl of rice may be cheap, but additional bowls of rice, crackers and flowers will come at a higher price, and you might find a large sum of money being demanded of you after the procession.

The alms ritual is a sacred rite — not a tourist attraction. Tourists are encouraged to sit back from the street, snap photographs without a flash, and quietly observe in an unobtrusive way.

Economy of Laos

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Relationships between and Lao and foreigners

Show all photos. Modern apartment in expat area with 2 bicycles. Newly furnished apartment – close to town – in an area where many expats live. The apartment has a lot of light , allows you to relax after a day out of exploring Luang Prabang and to even cook your own dishes you bought at the nearby markets. If you want to experience a more local area than the UNESCO peninsula, but still have close access to it, this is a great location for you. Sleeping arrangements.

between its neighbors Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia. natural beauty and low cost of living have drawn a large expat population. (CDC) recommends that all travelers to the country be up to date on routine.

She has experience in a broad range of corporate and commercial matters, such as company registration, legal due diligence, and agreement preparation, as well as advising on foreign investment, property, immigration, and government relations. She also assists clients with the full range of intellectual property matters, including trademark registration, renewals, and more. She is also familiar with the regulatory framework of the energy sector in Laos, having previously authored research papers on foreign investments in Lao hydropower and legal risk management in hydropower project contracting.

Saithong has participated in several regional forums on economic and trade development, with the aim of fostering business cooperation among investors in the region. She holds a lawyer’s license issued by the Lao Ministry of Justice. Advised international clients on corporate formation, business expansion, and relevant Lao laws and regulations.

Assisted a number of companies from Hong Kong and Japan in establishing Representative Offices RO in Laos, including preparing applications, liaising with authorities, obtaining RO certificates, etc. Conducted legal due diligence for a leading Indian company seeking to purchase a wood factory in Laos, including advising the client on legal risks and the actual value of the target company. Successfully registered the trademarks of the subsidiary of a Hong Kong food services company in Laos.

Assisted expatriate workers from India, the Philippines, Sweden, and the United States in obtaining work permits and visas for employment in Laos. The full list of Read more. The firm Amended Law on Insurance in Laos.

Living in Laos

Our team of experts is ready to help you find a home abroad, move your household goods, and settle into your new country. Expats in Laos can look forward to a laid-back environment, fascinating sights and countless experiences. In our guide, you can find valuable information about transportation, healthcare, and safety in Laos.

French IndoChina: Luang Prabang, Laos February Travel I am an expat currently living in Bangkok and loving the experience of living in foreign lands.

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Laos Travel Essentials

Among the three territories comprising the former French Indochina, Laos is probably the least popular among foreigners. These qualities are the very charms of Vientiane and the rest of Laos. Consider hiring a relocation management company to help you with the documentation, logistics and settling down in your new neighbourhood. If you prefer to migrate on your own, you may need some serious planning and a trusted friend who can do a bit of translation when dealing with Laotian officials.

We understand that you cannot leave your loyal canine friend behind.

Here are 20 English-language Facebook groups to help Laos expats get the This Facebook group lets you stay up to date on crime and other.

The economy of Laos is a rapidly growing lower-middle income developing economy. Following independence, Laos established a Soviet-type planned economy. As part of economic restructuring that aimed to integrate Laos into the globalized world market , Laos underwent reforms called the New Economic Mechanism in that decentralized government control and encouraged private enterprise alongside state-owned enterprises.

Key goals for the government includes pursuing poverty reduction and education for all children, also with its initiative to become a “land-linked” country. The country opened a stock exchange, the Lao Securities Exchange in , and has become a rising regional player in its role as a hydroelectric power supplier to neighbors such as China , Vietnam and Thailand. In the current period, the economy of Laos relies largely on foreign direct investment to attract the capital from overseas to support its continual economic rigorousness.

The long-term goal of the Lao economy as enshrined in the constitution is economic development in the direction of socialism by creating the material conditions to move towards socialism. Despite rapid growth, Laos remains one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia. Nonetheless, Laos continues to attract foreign investment as it integrates with the larger ASEAN Economic Community , its plentiful, young workforce, and favorable tax treatment.

With the overthrow of the Laotian monarchy in , the Pathet Lao’s communist government instituted a planned economy of the Soviet-style command economy system, replacing the private sector with state enterprises and cooperatives; centralizing investment, production, trade, and pricing; and creating barriers to internal and foreign trade. Seizure of power by the Communists also resulted in a withdrawal of mainly American external investment, on which the country had become greatly dependent as a result of the destruction of domestic capital during the Indochina Wars.

This changed in when the government announced its “new economic mechanism” NEM.

Top Ten Hard Truths Of Living As An Expat In Thailand

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Read more on how to date Lao women, where to find sex and how to get and another area that is mainly populated by tourists and expats.

When falang first arrive, they envision strolling confidently through the local market, greeting the vendors by name, and knowing exactly which obscure stall sells vegetable peelers. But they need a few Lao lessons first. So falang inevitably soften the blow of culture shock by picking up their essentials at the closest places to a Walmart or Tesco that they can find: Home Ideal and D-Mart. The wide, perplexingly organized, air-conditioned aisles and fixed prices soothe frazzled falang nerves.

Just like when it comes to food shopping , they would much rather pay higher, clearly marked prices for everything, than figure out all 15 stalls they would have to visit to get everything on their shopping list. Where else would they find nails, soap, dishtowels, and a new trashcan all guaranteed to last less than two months in time for their housewarming party?

Falang spend countless hours wandering the aisles of these establishments looking for that one randomly placed item on their shopping list.

Moving to Vientiane, Laos

Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. Touching a monk or novice is considered rude, and is totally taboo if you are a woman. Women should not hand anything directly to a monk, but instead should pass the item to a male intermediary. If you are trekking, stay on the path and better yet, go with a guide who knows the land and the language and can keep everyone safe. Often the underpaid police force is simply looking to extort money from tourists.

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Wherever you’ve come from, set your watch to the languor of Laos time. With no train lines, and buses and boats a once-a-day affair, you can set your jam-packed itinerary aside. Overused as a battleground in its time, Laos long watched as the rest of Asia raced ahead. When the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge made the country more accessible, the gap narrowed. Today, Laos may be a pawn in China’s economic boom game, but word is out about its misty mountains, beautiful French colonial towns and golden Buddhist stupas.

A serious contender for “sleepiest capital in the world,” Vientiane is as fast as it gets in Laos. The capital’s biggest sightseeing draw is the golden Pha That Luang temple, Laos’ national symbol. Wat Si Saket is home to more than 2, Buddha statues of varying sizes. Here, Buddhist monks in orange robes stroll serenely past French colonial houses.

20 Essential Facebook Groups for Vientiane Expats

Source: phuketgazette. There will be bumps along the way between your visits to the beach, bar and immigration office sometimes the bumps will be at the beach, bar and immigration office. Expat life is what you make it here in the Land of Smiles. Moaning about it never helps but accepting the bumps is part of the adventure.

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Lao customs regulations limit visitors to cigarettes and one litre of distilled alcohol per person upon entry, but in practice bags are rarely opened unless a suspiciously large amount of luggage is being brought in. A customs declaration form must be filled out along with the arrival form, but typically nobody bothers to check that the information is correct.

There is no limit on the amount of foreign currency you can bring into Laos. Continue reading to find out more about Your largest expense is likely to be transport, with journeys usually costing between 60, and ,K; accommodation and food are very inexpensive. Note, however, that prices are significantly higher in Vientiane and Luang Prabang.

While restaurants and some shops have fixed prices, in general merchandise almost never has price tags, and the lack of a fixed pricing scheme can take some getting used to. Prices, unless marked or for food in a market, should usually be negotiated, as should the cost of chartering transport as opposed to fares on passenger vehicles, which are non-negotiable. Hotel and guesthouse operators are usually open to a little bargaining, particularly during off-peak months.

My take on Laos & Thailand

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